Catching the Next Wave
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Aga and Łukasz Szóstek together with Werner Puchert go beyond today to explore the world of design and much more. Join them as they Catch the Next Wave.

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    S2.E10. OUTRO: Aga & Łukasz Szóstek. Empowerment Begins With You

    As Season 2 of the Catching The Next Wave podcast comes to an end, we attempted to untangle what empowerment means based on the fascinating stories our guests shared with us over the last few months. So, what is empowerment? It is the strength of self-permission? It seems like the right place to start.

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    S2.E9. Petter Abrahamsen. An Ultimate Goal Of Building a Team.

    As almost nothing significant can be achieved individually anymore today collaboration is the front and center of challenges the modern companies face. Petter Abrahamsen, the former commander of the Norwegian Navy, talks about motivations and the methods of building teams in the military world. He also shares his thoughts of the ingredients necessary to make empowerment become a reality rather than only round words.

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    S2.E8. Ask Agger. Playfulness Builds Trust.

    The traditional leadership style is getting old for the new times we live in. So, what can the leaders of today do to stay relevant and keep up with the new generations of people who don't want to be ruled by command and control bosses? Why would the leaders even want to change their style? Style that made them so successful for so many years? Ask Agger, the partner and the Change Agency Workz and the author of " The 3rd Generation of Storytelling" tells about the power of playfulness and games to teach leaders whya nd how to switch from the old ways to the new.

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    S2.E7. April Mills. Dogmatically Planning To Be As Agile As Possible.

    Change in many organizations is the new constant. There problem is though - people are not happy about it. April Mills, the author of "Everyone is a change agent" and a perpetual change agent herself, explains ways in which a lasting change can be constructed. She draws from her experience as an engineer at the nuclear navy shipyard and from Intel, where she is bringing change about today.

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    S2.E6. Mel Lang. Empathy And Curiosity Before Everything Else.

    Finding a successful way to run a team, especially in the world of agile, is like fining a golden egg. Mel Lang, an amazing agile coach herself, shares secrets of what being a good agile coach is all about. She talks about her path from an interactive agency to becoming a cook and explains how this adventure changed her perspective on running good teams. And for those interested, she also shares her tricks to change bad habits for good ones.

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    S2.E5. Scott Perry. Creativity Is Everywhere.

    Everybody is creative, right? Why don't we see it more often then? Scott Perry, a musician and an author of "Endeavor" and "The Stoic Creative" talks about the internal battles we all go through to release our creativity. He shares ways to overcome your resistance to become a person you always wanted to be.

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    S2.E4. Adam Lindstrom. Reshaping the future of education.

    Education needs to change to enable the next generations to become ready to take up the challenges they are going to face in their adult lives. Adam Lindstrom, the educator from New Jersey shares his approach to changing the education and empowering it through technology to make his school ready for the future.

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    S2.E3. Scott Gould. Powering Engagement.

    Church has spent two millennia finding ways to motivate, engage and empower people. Scott Gould, the author of "The Shape of Engagement", shares with us his definitions of what engagement means and tells an absolutely fascinating story of how church designs his ways to build an ultimate engagement.

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    S2.E2. John Law. The Secret Life Of Secret Societies.

    There are ways to empower that are not as obvious. That are based on becoming part of a group that gives you the space and the legitimacy to try things out. Things you might never dare to try outside of this secret world. John Law, the co-founder of the Burning Man festival, talks about his life as a member of secret societies, about generosity, morality and permission to be yourself. As much yourself as you can bare.

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    S2.E1. INTRO: Aga Szóstek & Werner Puchert. Empowerement Is The Tool For Trasformation.

    Season 1 of the Catching The Next Wave podcast turned out to be about transformation. But, in order, to go through any transformation you need to feel empowered to do so. The hosts Aga and Werner share their initial thoughts of what empowerment is while getting ready to shoot the second season which aims to help them dig deeper into the notion of empowerment.

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