Catching the Next Wave
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Aga Szostek and Werner Puchert are going beyond today to explore ‘Design’ of tomorrow. Join them as they Catch the Next Wave.

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    9. Everybody is an artist. Kelli Wood.

    Transformation is like an onion - it has many layers. It's essential that any work centring on Transformational Design is rooted within our humanity. Kelli Wood, provost of the Seth Godin's AltMBA and artist behind LittleBigWords, talks about being an artist, finding meaning and living up to your true potential.

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    7. Friction is good. Marc Hassenzahl.

    Have you ever thought what responsibility means with respect to experience design? How technology might be appropriated for good or for evil? Marc Hassenzahl, experience design professor at Siegen University in Germany, talks about the need for 'troubles and secrets', provocation and the effortful design.

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    5. Designing events to inspire behavior change. Ruud Janssen.

    What are events? What are they for? How much time do you invest in designing them comparing to the time they last? Does it make sense to spend 1% of that time to strategise what change you hope to inspire Ruud Janssen, the co-author of the “Event Design Handbook", talks about behaviour change, the event design process and living in the moment.

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    4. Narrative, a framework for human thought and reason. Jericca Cleland.

    We are all inspired and driven by stories. We all think in narratives, no matter where we come from. It shapes our world, our thinking, our actions. Yes, our lives are ultimately fashioned by the tales we weave. Jericca Cleland, an award-winning writer and director, talks about story substructure, how she designed her own life and the need for authenticity.

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    1. INTRO: Here’s the question - what’s next for design? Aga Szóstek & Werner Puchert.

    We find ourselves in a world bogged down in technology. It needs to change, we believe this change is inevitable. In fact, It is already happening under our noses and Design will be in the thick of it.

    We kick off with our podcast wondering: what is next for Design? Is the Experience Economy already here? Or did the world take another turn? What is the meaning of positive psychology, searching for happiness and addressing deep human needs? Will this become a discussion point in the boardroom? Will it ever?

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    Tilting towards a transformational experience

    We have a short sneak-peak episode of Catching the Next Wave Podcast where my co-host Aga and I explore the future of design. We asked our talented friend Jerrica Cleland how we could apply her Narrative structure to the design of the first Season of our show.

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